Home Visits

These may be arranged by phone or at the medical centre. Home visits can only be made with a doctor's agreement..

Practice has a policy for home visits requested by patients when they are bed bound, house bound or totally incapable of visiting the surgery

If you are too ill to attend the surgery to see a doctor, a home visit may be requested by contacting the surgery. Whenever possible please make every effort to come to the surgery rather than request a home visit. This allows the doctor to spend more time with you and to have easier access to medical facilities to help deal with your problems. When a visit is necessary it is helpful if your request is made as early as possible.

The receptionist may ask you to discuss your request for a home visit with the doctor.

  • Patients are asked to phone in before 10am for a home visit.

 When the receptionist asks for the symptoms please co-operate as she is merely carrying out instructions to ensure that urgent cases are given the priority they require. Please try and ring before 10.00am on the day of the visit if this is possible.

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